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Singapore as a cosmopolitan island is fast becoming an employment hotspot for people across the globe. In fact, Singapore is considered as one of the best places in the world for living and working

Things to Consider While Moving To Singapore

Moving to Singapore is one thing that lots of people imagine because life here is considered to be life at its best. Singapore is an excellent and clean Asian city that keeps a lot of the charm from its British colonial days and also offering a leading edge, and very well developed environment. …Read More.

Expat Life in Singapore

singapore expat life
Over 40% of Singapore’s population is made of the expats who have made the city more or less their permanent residence. For new expats it is natural to consider the cost of living and other details before they move to Singapore.

Thankfully, working and living in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore is far more enjoyable than moving to any other country in the world… Read More.

Tips to Get a Cheap Accommodation in Singapore

Singapore is the world’s 4th leading financial center, and it is seaport is among the five most popular ports on the planet. The economy is dependent heavily on exports and refining imported goods, particularly in manufacturing. …Read More.

Public Transport in Singapore

Singapore has world’s best public transport system, which is very clean and efficient.

The three main modes of public transport in Singapore are the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), buses and taxis… Read More.

Expat Health Insurance in Singapore

If you are considering moving to Singapore being an expat, the first concerns are most likely about getting accommodation and a job. However, you should also consider your well being. …Read More.

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