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Living and Working in Singapore

Living and Working in Singapore

Singapore as a cosmopolitan island is fast becoming an employment hotspot for people across the globe. Asians, especially from adjoining countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh et al are readily looking for a career in booming economy of Singapore. The prospective candidates therefore are required to brace themselves in advance before heading to this beautiful tiny island for making a living.

What are some of the most essential points about Singapore, its work culture and environment, employment opportunities, the key benefits and the pitfalls that need to be considered before heading to Singapore?

1. It’s important to investigate: Research is the key to finding a suitable job in Singapore. Candidates can find this challenging because searching for a job in Singapore while still in your home land is difficult because most recruiters consider only applications from full-time residents only.

On the other hand you need to be aware of the existing or probable job opportunities in your sector. You wouldn’t want to land in Singapore only to learn that there are no suitable jobs in the sector you are working in. For a pointer the following sectors in Singapore have good job opportunities: finance & risk management, logistics, media, advertising, healthcare, education etc.

2. Skills & experience matter but not more than networking: Finding a job in Singapore can get a lot easier if you approach through someone who’s already working there. Networking holds immense importance therefore while you want to search for a suitable employment in the city. You need to be willing to ask for help and reference continuously. Make sure your “who you know” list is impressive if you are serious about working in Singapore.

3. Strict but fulfilling: It is widely known that working in Singapore can get stressful and at times frustrating. People often work under pressure and tight deadlines to ensure the highest deliverability to their clients. For many of them “time is money” and the employees need to understand that too. The good news is that you can easily get adapted to the work culture. Employees take time off during the lunch break to relax and have food.

4. Great place to eat and shop but pricey too: Singapore is among the best destinations in the world when it comes to food and shopping. Right from the most exciting sea food to the most spicy continental food, Singapore has a lot to offer to foodies. Shopping is fun in Singapore as the city provides some of the greatest brands and the widest range of products. The flip side is you need to have deep pockets to splurge on the shopping malls in the city.

5. Superior lifestyle – but can be stressful: For a majority of expats who are working in Singapore, the lifestyle can get stressful with many not finding enough time for themselves as well as families. The only way to escape the frustration is to life an organised life. Weekend activities often are a good time to get together and unwind with loved ones. The lifestyle is fast-paced in Singapore but it can be enjoyable as well.

So, there you go. With this quick guide you are ready to take on your pursuit of living and working in the wonderful city that is Singapore!

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